Refugio Los Volcanes

The most spectacular lodge on the border of Amboró National Park. 7 trekking paths of various levels of difficulty for all tastes. 100 varieties of Orchids, more than 200 different species of birds, waterfalls, their own natural coffee plantation, natural pools and much more.

The Wine and Coffee Route

El Refugio coffee plantation. A walk along one of the many trails of this wonderful resort on the border of the Amboró National Park, takes you to its Coffee plantation covered by the lush jungle. Depending on the season, you can help with the harvest or the artisan coffee roasting.

Visit the Lansuá Winery and try one of its 11 exclusive wine varieties.

Uvairenda Vineyard, the oldest winery in Samaipata. Not only does it offer you a range of fine wines, but an incomparable view of the town and its surroundings.

Bodega Vargas, is located in Valle Abajo about 30 minutes from Samaipata. There, you can taste wines typical of the area and a hard to match Singani.

Transportation, Lodging and Meals.

All our tours include transportation from Santa Cruz or Samaipata and lodging at preferential hotels and meals in recommended restaurants.